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Part 1: Your Job, Diversity.

I grew up with the belief that all people are equal and all people have a purpose. This is something I still fight to believe in, something I innately believe in, despite how opened my eyes have become since being the unruly diaper baby to now a young working female in my mid-20’s. Although I am “top of the food chain” as some have described it, being a single, white and blonde-haired blue-eyed woman with a stable job and a stable family, even I have experienced gender discrimination within the workforce, and have had my fair share of poor experiences as a woman in my normal daily activities outside of work.

Equality and AI: How to bypass prejudice?

Cloutera is always doing our best to stay on top of hiring tips and industry trends. We are also very focused on fighting for Equality and Diversity within the workforce, and spreading that awareness with our audience and cherished followers on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Our team has been working in a variety of industries with a number of clients within the Greater Seattle Area, and we are about to start a new huge project with a global leader as well. When it comes to construction, a sector that has been a focus of ours for the past few months at least, we have noticed that top talent is far and few between. There is a shortage of labor and more jobs than are able to be filled. When it comes to the technology focus, there still tends to be dominance in male workers over females who are considered "qualified", as well as a lack of advanced talent that giant companies are heavily seeking. Coincidentally, there is a combination of tech and manual labor and we are seeing a shift in the needs and requirements due to the evolution and combination of these industries.

Artificial Intelligence is a huge integration that is rapidly taking place across the board. But how does this affect the integration of Diversity and Equality in the workplace? 

Candidate Experience Series | Part 4: The Interview Process



Let's be honest—the word "interview" can strike fear into the minds of even the most skilled candidates. There's so much riding on that ever-important meeting. Did they prepare enough? Did they prepare too much? What if the interviewer doesn't like them? What if they say something stupid? 

Candidate Experience | Part 3: The Candidate Journey


Journey: it's a simple word, right? In life, a journey is the path a person takes to get from one place to another and encompasses all of the experiences they encounter along the way. Each interaction shapes a person's perception of the events, people and places they come into contact with. At the end, when they reach their final destination they'll have positive, negative, or neutral feelings, depending on the circumstances that arose along their voyage.

Candidate Experience Series | Part 2: Candidate Personas


There are some incredible candidates out there who would be an excellent fit for your organization, but how do you find them? When it comes to great recruiting, the trick is to make them come to you. Obviously, this is much easier said than done; if it were as simple as a quick click of a mouse, everybody would be doing it. There's got to be some sort of magic formula that puts you in front of perfect candidates while simultaneously helping you weed out applicants who wouldn't work well within your organization, right? 

Candidate Experience: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

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They say life is a journey. It's not supposed to be about where you're going; it's about what you do along the way. In the recruiting world, this statement is a double-edged sword. Recruiting absolutely is about where a person is going, but much of this process also revolves around the journey a candidate takes to arrive at his or her final destination. Unfortunately, the journey—or candidate experience—is often lost along the way.