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Career Fit:  What Recruiters Need to Know

As a Recruiter you know that companies look for ‘Culture Fit,’ while candidates look for ‘Career Fit.’ Whether you’re looking for your next role or you’re coaching a candidate, it’s important to note that Career Fit is both created and discovered. 

Secrets to Sales Success

Sales is the foundation of the way we work.  It’s the nature of the candidate job search, recruitment, and how we build our influence, or clout.  In the tech industry we may sell products or services, but we also sell ideas, experiences, and the promise of something better. 

Gender Diversity: How to be Part of the Change

It’s like dog years.  One month in a startup is like three everywhere else.  That was the revelation that came from Claire Reinert, Release Manager at Snapchat, as she spoke at the Galvanize “Bridging the Gender Gap” fireside chat.  Living the startup life is hard work.  What can you do to foster success and have an impact on the business?  Build a gender-balanced team because they outperform both male- and female-dominated teams.

Why You Should Recruit Tech in Seattle

As a Recruiter expanding your talent search and your skillset to include the tech industry will help you stay on top of trends that include increased position demands especially as Seattle has become a booming metropolis. 

Keys to Recruiting for Culture Fit

As a Recruiter, you know that culture fit is just as important for your candidate as it is for the organization doing the hiring.  Lack of fit is one of the top reasons why people leave an organization or end up unhappy in their role, so if there is a good fit, chances are they’ll be more productive and stick around longer.

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